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About Dr. McCord

For almost three decades, Dr. McCord has dedicated her life to the research and development of products that improve the quality of life for others. She has approached this goal from the perspective of being both a scientist and a cancer patient.

Dr. McCord received her first patent in 1993. The patent and the products she developed were immediately licensed to one of the country’s premier wound care companies. Her second patent was awarded in 1997. Today these products enjoy the dominant position in the medical marketplace. Dr. McCord’s work has advanced skin and wound care due to her proprietary formulations of potent small molecules that have provided therapeutic support for diseased skin. In 2014, she was granted 8 new patents concerning skin and wound care as well as nutrition. Moreover, Dr. McCord holds 12 patents pending in the fields of cancer and lung inflammation.

Her revolutionary work has led to global recognition in the field of skin and wound repair and her mission remains to improve the quality of life for people in every country of the world.

A Message From Dr. McCord

As a cancer survivor and inventor, I understand patient care from both sides. The medical products I have created over the past 25 years are broadly known in the hospital, long term and in home settings. Millions of patients have benefited from the small molecule technologies found in these products. You will too.

You can buy these products with confidence knowing that they are based upon years of science and dedication to patient wellbeing. Thank you for trusting us with your healthcare.

With warm regards,